Portland, a Winter Wonderland.

Hey everyone,

IMG_1187Well, winter is officially here today. I am off work and decided that I needed to do a little writing. This morning I woke up a d turned on the news to discover that we were about to go into a winter storm warning. Snow was expected to it here about noon today and it actually began around 11:00 AM. It is now about 2:30 in the afternoon and it is really coming down. Lucky for me, no work today but I was supposed to go to a staff meeting at The Mac Store in the morning but just heard that it was cancelled, Alleleuia!

So, as I gaze out from my living room, it almost looks like a white out. In the Columbia Gorge, which is a little east from Portland, a blizzard warning is in effect, the first one in the last five years.
That was two months after we first arrived here, back in 2008.

In 2010, we moved to Honolulu, and there was no more winter for us for three years. I did miss the seasons and was happy to return here to Stumptown. Just in the last few minutes, the snowflakes have increased in size, we expected to get 2-5 inches of the white stuff from this storm and there is another storm behind this one.

To stay warm, we are running a couple heaters, ceiling heat in our kitchen and dining room as well as the wall heaters in our bedrooms, our electric bill will be a bit hefty next month. I am wearing two shirts and wool socks and Rox is wearing two of everything including blankets on her cold feet. We have discovered that there is very little insulation in our walls of our apartment, brrrr. But hey, we are stalwarts and doing ok.

This has been very interesting living here again. I grew up, my first 13 years in New Jersey, where the winters were pretty harsh, lots of cold and snow. My family then moved to South Florida where I stayed until I went into the Navy in 1969. I attended a school in Millington, TN, just outside Memphis and I was lucky enough to stand a watch on a Tarmac, in the snow in the middle of the night, that was brutal. After the Navy, moved back down to Miami in the Sunshine State. In 1976, ended up moving to San Diego, California where I lived for 29 years, again not much of four seasons. It wasn’t until 2008 that I got to experience a winter wonderland again. In December of 2008, Portland had a record snowfall of 18″, did not have to drive in it and it was truly magical.

Well, just got an alert on the phone, we are expecting up to 7″ of snow and winds up to 25 miles per hour, how fun. I don’t know but Hawaii sounds pretty good right now, lol. I still love this and will want to take a walk outside maybe later this evening. There is something about snowing, being outside at night. There are no sounds, just the wind and watching the snow fall under the street lights.

I apologize for the lack of writing here, between my work at the Mac Store and work for the Oregon World War II Memorial Foundation, I have been neglecting my Geerhead duties. I will not be working as much now and hope to get back into the swing if things.

IMG_1179Enjoy the pics of our lovely weather and see you again soon.

Tis the season to be jolly…

IMG_1175Happy holidays everyone and welcome back. You are probably wondering where I have been these days. Well, I got a job and it is with The Mac Store in Beaverton, OR. This is a store that we used to go to to check out Apple products when we were living here a couple of years ago. It sure beat going to the Apple Store, you know, the place that seems to always have a crowd, loud and chaotic. The Mac Store is a locally owned chain (10 stores in the Northwest) that is an authorized dealer of Apple.

A few months ago, I went in and left my résumé with the manager but never heard anything until just before Thanksgiving. I went online looking for work and there was an ad for a sales position there, I sent another résumé that morning and in the afternoon my phone rang. It was Duane from The Mac Store asking me to come in for an interview. It appeared that he did not see his email and was calling me back from the résumé that I had previously dropped off, amazing.

I went in for the interview and met Duane for about an hour. We had much in common and he had told me that he called me because I had said I was in the Navy years back as he also was in the Navy. We had traded stories and also talked about motorcycles, another thing in common. He had told me that he had other interviews and that he would let me know.

I received a call from him saying that I got the job, again awesome. I reported to work and spent an afternoon with him and another person who was hired to fill out the papers. The next day I went in and met the staff, a wonderful group of young people. Now, this is really the second time that I have worked retail, the first time was at a Walgreens when I was 18 or so.

IMG_1192I was being groomed to work on Black Friday, Yikes! To learn a POS system is challenging and it was indeed a challenge. Black Friday came along and I was tossed into the shark pit but I came away unscathed, yes. It was an experience and now things are going smoothly except now I am working weekends and also the closing shifts, so much for my social life. But, this position is seasonal for the holidays and if I do well, I may become part of the staff permanently. This job is also helping me learn so much more about Apple, computers, etc but I truly like the interaction with customers and my fellow workers. I do not feel the stresses like I did at my former jobs except for standing on my feet all day, but am grateful that this came along.

IMG_1023So, that is what I have been doing and I will write more on my days off because that is what I love to do. I just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, see you soon.

Now Here…

Ok, what are you doing at this very moment? I know, you are reading this blog. I wanted to talk more about this very moment in time which I have done in the past. It is funny how we cannot stop this moment, they just continue on, one moment to another.

So, we have this moment together, you are reading these words and the moments and words keep going. When we are in the moment, we have no fears, no worries, no expectations, no delusions, just right here, right now.

There are many times in our lives that we have to be in the proverbial moment or else we could lose our life, for example, doing some action that requires our attention, jumping out of an airplane, racing over 200 mph on a track, hell, driving on the highway for that matter.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 12.12.21 PMWalking for me brings me to the present moment many times, I become aware of my surroundings, the trees, the birds singing, children playing, etc. do not get me wrong, this mind of mine does not want to stop and it does take a conscious effort to bring me back to the here and now. Ah, reminds me of that book from Ram Dass from years gone by, Be Here Now.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 12.10.28 PMAs I grow older, knowing that I am in the Autumn of my life, I want to enjoy those elusive moments of no chich, you know from previous writings of mine, chich being short for chicherero, the sound of the crickets rubbing their legs. I have always thought that chich was so apropos for the internal dialogue. Enjoying those times have been rewarding and I can only think of those things that want me to have more of those experiences. Our time is limited here on earth, we just never know when our number is called. IMG_2833 My dear friend Mike who has a heart condition is a great example, he lives his life as if there will be no tomorrow as we should do. We just do not know when we will leave this planet, this could be my last writing for all I know, just saying.

Being my age now, I see more and more posted either on FaceBook, or through emails of friends or aquaintances that have died, those are some wake up calls, time to love what I do, quit being self-absorbed with worries, fears, the stuff mentioned above, live life day by day, become aware of all around me, love and cherish the people and animals in my life. The days of all the bullshit are over for me, I want to be here now, loving life, loving all things in this beautiful creation, change those things that make me crazy or unhappy.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 12.03.42 PMIt all sounds so simple, you know, stop and smell the roses, but in actuality, it is such a chore to be able to stop the world (of shit) and just be. It has been my longing ever since I began my true spiritual path back in the 70′s and it still a chore at times. It is amazing all the distractions around us that keeps us asleep, such as, the lobotomy box (TV), our inferiorities, the news media, the list goes on and on.

Maybe it goes back to the Bible regarding Genesis, the story of Adam and Eve. They were living in paradise, the Garden of Eden, which could be the analogy of living in the moment, aware of the paradise given to us by God but when they ate the apple, the ego was born, they immediately hid their genitals with leaves, they became asleep. Well, it is time to take the leaves off, wake up, live in the now and experience this wonder we call Earth, live as if there is no tomorrow and see it make a difference in your life. Learn to meditate, just sit and watch your breath as a start. Go sit on a rock, on a beach, just go out for a walk and notice all those things around you, what have you got to lose.

sammie IMG_0215At this moment, Sammie, my little furball just jumped on my lap and wants attention, there is a small opportunity for me to be in the moment, got to go, see you again in the next now down the road, does that make sense? I will leave you with This:

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.”
― Ram Dass

A letter to our planet

Hello earth,

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 9.47.47 AMWhat have we done to our home, we have polluted the seas, we have polluted the skies, what would it take to return to those days when you were pristine? It appears the people in charge just does not give a shit about you. There are many here on earth who respect you but seem to not have any say in the matter. A day does not go buy when we hear of dolphins or whales beaching themselves, just heard about a large group of sea turtles in South America were found dead on some beaches.

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 9.49.23 AMNow we have the threat of radiation spilling into the waters off Japan from a nuclear plant devastated by an earthquake and tsunami, it doesn’t bode well. This will indeed affect the sea life from the bottom to the top of the food chain, I am certain that we humans will be affected. How did this all come to play in our times? I was a hippie a while back, we wanted peace, we wanted to save the planet but lo and behold, the corporations that exist today want more and more money no matter what it does to the planet. I hurt when I hear things like the oil spill in the gulf, the use of plastic bags that end up in that huge, floating mass of refuse in the Pacific, people going to wildlife preserves to shoot your beautiful animals and for what? Maybe what happened at Fukushima is a karmic effect for the killing of the dolphins at the Cove or the whaling that had been done and still continuing. Then there is the fracking of the earth in order to get natural gas, what is so wrong in using solar or wind power?

I am sorry for what my fellow man has done to you and I know that the day is coming that you will respond the only way you can because of what we have done to you. I hope that you will forgive us for we know not what we do. You are our home, there is no other place we can go, it would not take much in order to keep you happy and alive, just some awareness on our part, a planetary consciousness to turn things around. We are perilously close to extinction. The species are dying off very rapidly and we truly need to wake up. I know that people reading this will ask what can they do, I know it begins with them becoming more aware of what they are doing, whether it is using a recycle bag for shopping in lieu of plastic bags, recycle trash, whatever needs to be done.

The time is now to start taking better care of you, I hope that people who read this will share this, it is not for me, it is for the planet. We need to preserve our home for future generations and hope that this will not go unheeded. I love you, I cherish everything about you. Take care and I will see what I can do to help your ailments.


Johnny, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 9.29.33 AMI remember people asking me this question when I was a small boy and I would always answer that I wanted to be an engineer, not an electrical or mechanical engineer but the one that drives a train. In our era growing up, it was not unusual to have a train set and I would spend many hours fantasizing being in the main engine pulling either freight or passenger cars. I grew up in New Jersey, so we had the Pennsylvania Railroad with those massive engines. I can recall when I was 8 years old that I boarded a train in Newark, New Jersey and traveling to visit my grandparents in Florida. My mother had spoken to one of the conductors to keep an eye out for me on the trip down. It was a fantastic trip for me and my love for the trains grew.

As I grew up, my grandfather would tell me stories of his work on the trains, he had worked for the railroad for a few years when he had fallen into one of the hopper cars, one that carries grain or coal injuring himself where he could not work anymore at his job. He always walked with a limp as long as I remembered him. Yep. I wanted to be the engineer for the railroad, had no idea how to go about it so that thought or wish slipped away with time.

Fast forward, graduated from High School but still had no idea what I wanted to do in my life. I enrolled in a Community College in Miami and my major was going to be Pre-Med. Could you imagine me being a doctor? Well, that was short lived and I changed my major to Electrical Engineering and me having a part time job with an electrical contractor helped me make that change. Well, that was short lived as well, I spent more time at the beach surfing then I did in the classroom.

tnWell, since my surfer days was during the Vietnam war, I was eligible for the draft. I did receive my draft notice and eventually signed up for the Navy. I ended up going to school to be a jet engine mechanic but thought that I would never get into that after I got out. I did get out after serving 14 months because of hardship due to my mother who was not well and I was the sole surviving son. I still had no clue what I wanted to be or do in my life. I ended up working for an electrical distributor in Miami until I moved to Gainesville, Florida in 1973. At that time I started working at the University of Florida as an electrician’s helper for the housing division. I also attended Community College majoring in Liberal Arts only because I did not know what I wanted to do in my life.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 2.10.10 PMI considered acting and would have loved to become an actor, following in my father’s footsteps. Kevin, my half brother (Same Father), was an actor at the time that I first met him. It was in Miami where he was going to be in a play that was written by Jerry Ragni, one of the creators of Hair, they were room mates at the time. I envied him that he followed his heart and went into acting like our father. Acting is all in the family, remember Grandpa on the Waltons, Will Geer, my grandfather’s cousin acted the role. He was blacklisted way back when McCarthyism was taking place. Still, I wished to be an actor and the only time I did any acting was for skits after the 40 Day Intensive with Arica, lots of fun.

So, here I am, 65 years old, still wondering what I want to be in this life. I once was told by a psychic that one of my past life may have been a Tibetan monk. That is funny because I always had an affinity to Tibetan Buddhism, fantasized about living in a cave for a couple of years, meditating. Who knows, maybe my next trip around. it is hard to believe that I had spent over 40 years in the electrical industry, what the fuck was I thinking way back when. If I had to do it all over, I would not have chosen that field. It just goes to show you, I just did not have a clue what I really wanted to become, maybe driving a train would have been exciting, who knows.

I would say, do something that you love and the money will follow, so THEY say. And who are they anyway. At this moment, I love doing this, writing, getting in touch with my creative side and I have three people in my life that kinda pushed me to do this, Rox, Mike and Judy, thank you for the push, much grateful.
Take care everyone, catch you next time.

One of these days…

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 8.55.48 AMJust heard a beautiful song called One of these days by Neil Young. This song inspired me to write this.

Dear friends,

Throughout my 65 years of life, I have met many people and quite a few have stayed with me most of my life. You know who you are and this is for you. I have moved around quite a bit and have left good friends behind but met some more outstanding folks. I want to thank everyone of you for being in my life, we have had some wonderful times and cherish each one of those moments. Life has gone by like a blur. I was grateful to reconnect with old friends from Miami when I returned to Florida from San Diego. To be able to see Randy, Cindy, Jim, Karen & Michael, Suzanne & Charles, the list is to lengthy to continue so do not feel offended, you are all in my heart.

Friendships have meant the world to me, you are indeed part of my family. I have had many laughs with you all throughout my life and with many I have learned so much about myself, thank you one and all.
Good friends, I should actually say great friends that last a lifetime are hard to come by especially in this day and age where everyone is on the computer, FaceBook, etc.

It is sometimes difficult to put into words my feelings for all of you but I do want to say how grateful I am that we have connected and for some, we still stay in touch though we are miles apart. I do try to stay in touch with many of you and again, you know who you are.

Ok, I know that I am coming on strong with the mushiness but hey, that’s me, I have mellowed much through the years and now I feel comfortable doing this. It is funny how our psyche works, for example, when I am alone like now writing this blog, I think a lot about friends, our social gatherings whether it’s the annual Super Bowl party at Bill and Deb’s home in San Diego or thanksgiving with Mike and Judy here in Portland, friends are forever. I will also wish to mention visiting with Randy and Lisa when we were living in Florida as well as Jim and Cindy’s for the holidays.

I feel that I have lived a good life, and the big part of it has been my friends, you are all the bomb, the best, every single one of you. Please know that I love you all, it has been a blast. Ok, it sounds like I am going somewhere or going to kick off, but no, I am just doing this because again, I was inspired by Neil Young’s words to the song mentioned in the beginning.

I guess that is all I have to say for now. So, again, I love everyone of you, take care, love life and who knows, our paths will cross again just like in the beginning.


More on happiness…

So, I have been writing as of late, on happiness. I realize that everyone has a different take on what makes them happy. As you see on my journey, my happiness came with certain desires such as, a Harley, searching for myself, having a loving relationship and more.

Do you ever think that when you actually get the things that you think will make you happy, there seems to be a little disappointment? Trust me, I was happy to get those things, you know, the relationship, the learning of self, the bike but I come to realize that one must be happy with self and no one or nothing outside of you can actually make you happy.

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 11.48.42 AMMy theory is that the mind is the culprit or I should clarify that, the actual culprit is our ego. Since we were young, our ego began developing into what it is today. I grew up rather poor and thought that if we had more money, it would bring us happiness. Even to this day, you look at the garbage on the lobotomy box (Television) and you see many programs dealing with the lifestyles of the rich and famous. I am sure that they are all happy, right? Doubt it, everyone probably goes through the same letdown, so to speak.

I do believe that happiness can come in the simplest forms. Take a look at people from other parts of the planet. You will see happiness on the faces of many people who have very little. The people in African villages, Tibetan villages, etc., they all seem to exude happiness though I am certain that they also are going through some sort of turmoil in their lives.

I do believe that you can have heaven or he’ll right here, right now. It all stems from our beliefs that the ego has accumulated through the years. You look at children, they do not have quite the egos as us adults. They start developing one when the parents, peers, schools start throwing the shit at them. “Johnny, don’t do that, good boy Johnny, how can you be so stupid, Johnny?” The fears. Start setting in, for example, if you do something and deny doing it, it is because you are afraid of punishment. So we learn deceit at a young age thus here comes the ego.

So now the ego is with us until we clarify our past. You can imagine the work involved in order to do that, we are so full of shit, so to speak. Thus, once we become more fully awake, I believe that we will be truly happy. We will get glimpses of happiness throughout our lives but true happiness will come with an empty mind. If we can be in the present, we will see reality unfold, a reality that will bring us a happiness.

Today, the things that are bringing me contentment are Rox, my wife, my two little girls, my friends, my sharing with you on Geerhead. I still see things on the television that tempts me to desire, such as cars, homes, but I am glad to know that gratitude can now come in the smallest things.

Be happy, be grateful for all that you have, know thyself, look at those things that had caused you pain and take note, it will come back, you can change your mind.

Oh, one more thing, love is all you need and look for the small things that make you say “Ah!”. Enough said.

A word or two about attachments…

I am taking a short break on my pursuit of happiness entries and going to talk about attachments. In one’s life, we accumulate quite a few, don’t we? We are born unto this world with absolutely nothing and we leave the same way. Why is it that we accumulate and attach ourselves to those things? If we lose something that we have loved and kept in our life, we become depressed, maybe angry, and regret having to give up or lose a certain possession.

HPIM0005Back in 2001, I used to watch a program on tv about motorcycles, especially Harleys. I would fantasize driving one and one day I was actually at the showroom buying one. It was a Softail, black in color and it was so exciting to start it up and drive away. As many of you know, buying one is really just a down payment because you start personalizing it to your tastes and that is where it got a bit expensive.

I loved that bike, rode it to the mountains and coasts many times, I really had grown attached to it. I met Rox later that year and we went for a ride up the coast on the day we had met. After months into the relationship, she really did not want to ride stating that the seat was uncomfortable and that really, the bike was a tad too small even for me. Again, I was attached but I was willing to let it go and looked into buying a Road King. When I sold the Softail, I was sad but sucked it up and got the other bike.HPIM0304

Attachments can also go with relationships. How many of you became attached to someone and lost that person? Pretty painful, right? How do you cope with a loss? Do you let go and know that you are ok and that you can move on with your life? When I was younger and in a relationship, I became very attached and when he relationship was over, it was very painful. I remember too, when Rox and I moved to Florida leaving behind my life of thirty years, that was difficult. I had grown attached to many of my friends but the new adventure downplayed the loss.

Have you ever been attached to plans in your life? You plan something, whether a trip, an event or whatever and it does not happen? How do you process that? It is difficult to let go? I have learned that shit happens and things do not go according to plan. I think ideally that we need to live more in the present, that is reality whereas plans are a projection into the future that we have no control of. If something happens and your plans change, deal with it, that is the reality.

Ah yes, attachments. You know, sometimes they really do suck. If you live in a home that goes up in flames, all your possessions go up in smoke, you must develop the strength to overcome this loss otherwise it will be very painful. We have let go of so many things that we have had and you know, it was en-lightening in a sense. We have moved quite a few times and each move getting easier and easier because we had let go. Not only letting go of physical things but also letting go of beliefs that keep us stuck. We are attached to quite a few beliefs which keeps us asleep and afraid of change. And the only constant in this life is change, deal with it.

My whole life has come down to letting go and to have gratitude for what we do have. I am at a time in my life that I want to be able to leave this world without the fear of letting go, does that make sense?HPIM0321 Do not get me wrong, I love Rox, my little girls, they would be difficult for me to let go, I do love them so much but maybe I am talking more about house, cars, possessions, money, all that stuff. Yes, we come into this world and leave this world with nothing, the ride has been great up to now, I feel a contentment and hope that when my time comes, I can let go and not struggle because I am attached.

Had to get all that off my chest, hope that it inspires and not sound like a bummer but that is what is swirling around in the old Geerhead.
Thanks for listening, see you next time, peace out.

Continuing story on my happiness…

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 10.38.19 AMI last left off when I was going to propose to Rox. That morning, like any other morning, I was off to work, as far as she knew. I actually went to Starbucks to meet up with Jeff & Jer’s production manager known as Little Tommy. As I waited for him, I wrote down what I was going to say as far as my proposal. The game that was going to take place was called “How well do you know your lover?” Before I forget, I told everyone, friends and co-workers, both hers and mine, what I was intended to do, everyone knew but her. After going over the script with Little Tommy, I drove back to the house with him and waited outside for the on air game to begin. I knew that Rox was listening to the show, she was an avid fan of the Jeff & Jer, and I proceeded to call the station. They greeted me on the air and asked if I was ready to play for a free dinner for two at Bussalachi’s, I said that I was and they then proceeded to call her. She answered the phone and was so excited, not knowing that I was standing outside the house on my cellphone. They explained to her that she will be asking some questions about me and if answered all correctly, we score a delicious dinner for two. When they ask her these questions, they told her that I would be off the line so that I could not hear her answers. However, I heard every one.

First question to her was “What did the license plate on my Harley read?” She knew that one right away and responded “GEERHD (GEERHEAD)!” I came back on the line and answered the same. Next question, “What is John’s favorite movie?” She was silent for a few moments and answered hesitantly “Pulp Fiction.” Again, I answered the same. Two down, looking good. “Where did you first meet John?” She answered “Starbucks.” Another one correct. Lastly, they asked her “When John proposed to you, what did you say?” She stuttered for a moment and said that I never had proposed to her. They got me on the line and said that what was up with that? I told them that I was waiting for her to propose to me, ha ha. “Well”, Jeff said, “we will have to take care of that!” That was my cue.

I knocked on the door and she answered with a phone in her ear and her jaw dropping as Tommy and I entered the living room. She had this huge grin on her face, yelled out hi to Tommy and I went down on one knee. I took out my notes and here was my proposal, word for word:

My dearest Rox,

I want you to know how grateful I am that you are in my life. From the first day we met to this moment has been truly magical. You must admit that these 14 months have been a whirlwind, full of laughs, some tears, adventures, happiness but never boring. My goal was to find someone that I could have that special connection with physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. I found that person in you. I am here at this moment, in front of the world, our friends or at least Jeff & Jer’s nine listeners to tell you how much you mean to me. I love you from the bottom of my heart and want to be with you for the rest of my life. So Rox, with the consent of Chunky Monkey, our cat, of course, will you marry me?

HPIM0139Well, you can guess how we were both feeling, she, with tears in her eyes and me with a big old grin, Rox said yes. I felt on top of the world, another day of true happiness. It was so much fun playing a little prank with her along with the help of Jeff & Jer. We did get that wonderful meal for two at Bussalachi’s by the way.

HPIM0221Speed forward to August 4, 2003. Rox and I drove to Vegas with the intention of marrying at the Rio. We had Brad, my best man, and Pam, her maid of honor with us. The next day we got married, another blissful celebration of us being together.

More to come…Please come back!!!

To have or to have not…The saga continues

Ok, I am living in San Diego, single, working and life seems to be pretty good. I have a lot of friends and support and just enjoying life. I wanted to be in a relationship but that had been alluding me for quite a while. There have been some wonderful women in my circle of friends that I had been attracted to but it was one way so they were just my good friends. In the meantime, I tried classifieds, I tried the company Great Expectations, then resorted to Matchmaker.com which is now Match.com.

I met so many women through these channels but came up empty and nearly broke from taking them out, you know, dinner, movies, etc. I decided from then on that we would just meet at Starbucks or some other coffee shop to talk, to see if there was any spark. The years were flying by and I had not met the One. I decided that I was going to look at the profiles one more time, choose one more woman and if that did not work, I would take a sabbatical.

imageAs I perused the website, one woman stood out, we had a lot in common and I decided to talk to and hopefully meet this woman named Roseanne.
She responded to my inquiry and we then had a few phone conversations when we decided that we would meet one Day, it would be November 10, 2001. I know, how funny that I would remember the exact day.

HPIM0004It was a gorgeous day so I planned a drive up the coast on my Harley, maybe have lunch, and so I was waiting at Starbucks for her. She arrived and walked up to my table and from that moment, there was a spark. Later she would tell be that she had felt a spark as well.
We jumped on the bike and off we went up the coast to Encinitas. We went and had lunch at Chevy’s and went back to her car. I then asked if she would like to go to a movie and she said ok, we went and saw Shallow Hal with Jack Black. It was a good date movie and when it ended we decided to get a glass of wine and talk. This was one of the most memorable dates that I have had in many years. Afterwards, I invited her over to my house to see The Matrix and we have been together ever since. We have had similar lives growing up, we had so much to talk about, I was so happy to have met her. One instance that I would like to tell you happened about two weeks after we had met. We were invited to a Thanksgiving dinner at a good friend’s home where she had met most of my best friends at the time. Peri, the hostess, wanted to take a picture of us, so we posed and something happened. She had placed her hand on my chest and I felt love at that moment.HPIM0097

A couple of months passed by and we decided that we would like to live together. She had sold her home, moved in with me with her two cats, life was good. I had sold my condo, we bought a house together and everything was grand.

I wanted a relationship and I got it, I was truly happy and am so grateful that we had met. In 2003, I decided that I was going to propose to her and came up with a great idea. At the time, she was an avid listener of Jeff & Jer, a morning talk show. I called and asked them if I could propose to her on the air and they loved the idea, it was near Valentines Day. They wanted to make a game out of it so I played along. They were going to play “How well do you know your lover?” They would ask her questions and if she answered correctly we would win a dinner for two at Bussalachi’s a well know Italian Restaurant in SD. What she did not know was, I will hear all her answers.

To be continued…